Success Stories

Name: Mr. H
Admitting Diagnosis: Spinal Stenosis
Admission Date: 3/22/2015
Discharged to home: 9/1/2015

In January 2015, Mr. H. was an active member of his community. As a single dad with teenage daughters, he worked full time and drove the girls to their activities. 

One day after work, he felt dizzy and fell at home. His left arm was pinned underneath him and he was unable to raise himself off the floor. His daughters found him more than four hours later. A CAT scan revealed no brain injury and an MRI revealed spinal stenosis from C3 to C7. Spinal stenosis narrowed the spaces in his spine, causing pressure on the spinal cord and nerves that control muscle power and sensation to the legs. 

Mr. H. was admitted to Geneva Lake Manor towards the end of March 2015. Despite his gains in inpatient rehab, he still didn’t have use of his arms; he required 2 people to assist him to walk short distances and required significant physical assistance for eating, dressing, bathing and toileting. He wore a cervical collar at all times and had an MBI score of 41. He was told by his physician that the prognosis for his future independence was poor. He began physical and occupational therapy and by the end of April he was walking to and from meals with the assistance of 1 person, and independently transferring from bed to wheelchair and back again. 

By June Mr. H. was independently walking with a four-wheeled walker and by July his cervical collar was only being used as needed. He no longer used an assistive device outside and was able to dress and toilet himself. By August he returned to a first floor apartment with an MBI score of 100. He returns to Geneva Lake Manor for outpatient physical therapy to improve strength and flexibility.